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"mi duck"

Posted by Gary on January 24, 2004

In Reply to: "Mi duck" posted by pdianek on January 24, 2004

: From One asylum seeker from Syria [said] . . . "I think Sheffield people are very friendly and have helped me feel at home. I have learnt to say 'mi duck' and now I support Sheffield United".

: I'm supposing that "mi" is pronounced "mee" or a fast M-apostrophe. Why "duck"? Is this a particular-to-Sheffield expression? Meaning?

Duck is commonly used here in Sheffield as a friendly greeting. Not so often as 'love' though. It's quite normal for both men and women to be greeted by complete strangers with 'Hello mi love'.

Personally I like this and agree that Sheffield is a friendly place to live. I wouldn't go so far as supporting Sheffield United though, that would be expecting too much.