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Piss in your pocket???

Posted by Brad on January 21, 2004

In Reply to: Piss in your pocket??? posted by Lewis on January 16, 2004

: : : Hi,
: : :
: : : I am writing from Australia. We have a very odd expression here; Piss in your pocket. It means to brown-nose, favour, flatter or suck up to.
: : :
: : : There are two ways to use it:
: : :
: : : "I don't want to piss in your pocket, but that was fantastic!"
: : :
: : : "I'm going to have to piss in your pocket, mate, that was great."
: : :
: : : I think this is only an Australian term.
: : :
: : : Hope you have some luck with it,
: : :
: : : Claire

: : I'm in the U.S. (Kentucky) and I've never heard it. I have heard: "pump sunshine" up someone's skirt or a*s. Or blow smoke up his or her skirt/a*s. Means to flatter or toady.

: Funny expression - in UK to piss in somebody's pocket is to do something sneaky. I understand that in less civilised times (pre 1990s) somebody 'caught short' at a football match might relieve themselves into the pocket of the spectator standing in front.

: I recall either Jasper Carrot or Billy Connolly doing a routine about it back in the 1970s and I recall it being a topic of conversation in school playgrounds before that.

I tried this whole piss in the pocket thing,
my mate got quite pissed off with it....or should I say pissed on.
i washed his trousers afterward