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Love and kisses can be very endearing

Posted by Lotg on January 21, 2004

In Reply to: Love and kisses posted by R. Berg on January 15, 2004

: : : Is it acceptable in english language to start a letter to an opposite sex friend with Hi Love instead of Dear x, and end it with Love and Kisses. Do you have any thoughts on this to share with me?

: : : Thanks, Ana

: : Dear Ana, your letter's first line
: : Can start with Hi Love and that's fine.
: : And ending with Kisses?
: : He'll know what true bliss is,
: : Too bad it's his mailbox, not mine.

: Ana, those phrases you cite--
: They may or may not be all right.
: If you're seeking romance,
: Go ahead, take the chance,
: But mere friendships just don't reach that height.

Again, cultural differences are seen here, which is fantastic. In Aussie terms, it's OK to say or write love and kisses to a friend of either sex. But only if you feel a genuine closeness or friendship. However, this doesn't infer anything sexual or more deep and meaningful that a good friendship. It's also used when writing to your mother or aunty or uncle, etc. when in fact, there may be no real friendship at all, just a sense of obligation.

The latter is not particularly healthy, but not unusual either. The former I think is extremely endearing. When I end a letter or email with love and/or kisses, the recipient can be assured that I really care for them as a friend, because I wouldn't do it otherwise. However, it means no more than that and should not be interpreted in any other way. But it means something special.