Band of brothers, p2.

Posted by Bob on January 16, 2004

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: 1.
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: "What is the goddamn holdup, Mr. Sobel?

: A fence, sir. Um, god... A barbed wire fence.

: Oh, that dog just ain't gonna hunt. Now, you cut that fence and get this goddamn platoon on the move!

: Yes, sir!"
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: that dog just ain't gonna hunt - ???

: 2.
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: We lost Winters to battalion mess.

: You're ****ting me.

: No. Strayer did it, while they try to figure out the procedures for his court-martial.

: Well, Nix better find a loophole and get him out.

: And if he don't? Winters scrambles eggs while the rest of us make the big jump with Sobel.
: -----

: scramble eggs - ???

"that dog ain't gonna hunt" = that excuse is not acceptable

when they "lost him to battallion mess" he was assigned to mess (food preparation) work, therefore out of combat. So while the others prepare to go into battle, he will be scrambling eggs and washing dishes.