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'Bog Standard' - Journalists & the pretty Andrew Gilligan

Posted by Cliff on January 16, 2004

In Reply to: 'Bog Standard' posted by ESC on January 15, 2004


" Language skills are on the decline in general. A second factor is that journalism has gone to hell in a handbasket. Pretty faces and "happy talk" have taken the place of good journalism regarding television news in the U.S. Print journalism isn't much better. "

Is Andrew Gilligan of the BBC 'pretty'? Methinks not, but he has been allowed to get away with murder over the Kelly death, ..... murder of the English language, that is. We all in the UK heard every day on the news for weeks of his allegation that the UK Government 'sexed up' the IRAQ dossier. If the BBC has to hire chumps like that, you know you must be right. Has no one heard of terms like 'embellished' exaggerate, etc. Can't turkeys like this bother to look in a thesaurus? Maybe he still counts on his fingers to work out how long 45 minutes might be?

Love and kisses.