Still on Rain Music

Posted by Smokey Stover on January 15, 2004

In Reply to: Still on Rain Music posted by sphinx on January 14, 2004

: Hi folks, I've posted a few new questions onto "Rain Music", and would you ming take a look back? -- I really don't want to trouble you again and again, and I promise it's the last time!

: And if Smokey Stover is looking at this, would you please answer this question about your previous explanation?
: What do you mean by saying "embarking on the great unknown being the least of them."?

Sphinx: I wrote a fairly substantial answer to this, but I either forgot to post it (which happens sometimes), or I can't locate exactly where I posted it. Or perhaps it will show up and boy, will my face be red! What I meant was that by pursuing David after their big kiss was going to be like getting on board (embarking on) a ship what was going to sail in uncharted seas, full of possible danger and adventure. The uncertainties of the voyage, however, are perhaps overshadowed by some of the certainties, such as the certainty (or at least near-certainty) that it would be a voyage of no return. It is almost certain that, given David's race, a romance with him that took Tranh out of the picture would break her parents' hearts, and possibly her loving relationship with them. And since David's "prospects" are very uncertain she cannot count on any sort of material prosperity for them as a couple. It may seem crass to talk about material prosperity, but can you doubt that Mom and Pop have talked about it? The big mystery to me remains this: in five years of friendship with David she has been a frequent visitor to his apartment, has invited her sister over, has cooked for him, has tucked him in (wow!) and watched him sleep. Then she kisses him and her pulse races madly! What has been going on? Something? Nothing? He's very much an aesthete, and even cooks for Linh. Is it fair to ask if David is good coupling material? SS