Roll Call

Posted by ESC on January 07, 2004

In Reply to: Roll Call posted by Kirk on January 07, 2004

: Is it "Roll Call" or "Role Call" and does anyone know it's origin?

It is "roll" as in list of names (from Merriam-Webster online):

Main Entry: roll
Pronunciation: 'rOl
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English rolle, from Old French, from Latin rotulus, diminutive of rota wheel; akin to Old High German rad wheel, Welsh rhod, Sanskrit ratha wagon
Date: 13th century
1 a : a written document that may be rolled up : SCROLL; specifically : a document containing an official or formal record. The rolls of parliament. : a manuscript book b : a list of names or related items : CATALOG c : an official list: as : MUSTER ROLL : a list of members of a school or class or of members of a legislative body