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Posted by Word Camel on December 17, 2003

In Reply to: Corporate-speak posted by Bookworm on December 17, 2003

: : : : : : : : : : Oh man do I hate that corporate crapola jingoism stuff like "in a proactive way" and "moving forward" and the best/worst one: "on a go forward basis".

: : : : I hate it too. It's a corporate affectation people put on to make themselves seem smarter or more professional. Here are some others:

: : : : "Let's 'touch base' on the matter..."

: : : : "Let's talk 'off line' about it after the meeting"

: : : : "I'm 'empowering' you to handle the job..."

: : : : "At this point in time ..."

: : : : For best practices, I've heard the terms "benchmark" or "paradigms" used.

: : : : There's a whole list here:

: : : : ~gus/ran/corporate.htm

: : : Pretty funny stuff. The one I hate is: "We have a lot on our plate."

: : Yes, that one is irritating too, so is saying "I'm crashing and burning" instead of "I'm busy"

: I posted this earlier, but around here (Midwest USA) the term "socialize" has been popping up lately. It is used when a project needs the cooperation or permission of management or another area. The plan is to "socialize it" with the party involved, so as to get the job done. For example, "we need more headcount for this feature, I'll have to socialize that with my manager". Corporate-speak, indeed.

Just out of curiousity, where in the Midwest? I've got my corporate-speak map here, along with my flu tracker... (They use it in New York, but they don't *do* it)