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Posted by Brian from Shawnee on January 05, 2004

In Reply to: XYZ - PDQ! posted by abe on January 05, 2004

: : : Have not seen this expression on the list. It is popular among kids and it stands for:

: : : eXamine Your Zipper

: : : ( a cue to the one who forgot to zip up their pents, etc.

: : Add the imperitive "PDQ" (for "Pretty Damn Quick") in case the person has been especially careless in doing his pants up.

: BTW; what earthly difference should it make if one failed to zip up their pants?

Pants, in the American sense, refers to "trousers". I understand that in Britain and other countries "pants" means "underwear". If for some reason you have a zipper on your underwear but you fail to zip it, then I suppose it would make no difference to anyone but the hospital staff, should you be involved in an accident. Then of course, one would expect that a hospital staff has "seen it all" before and would comport themselves in a professional manner.

But seriously, many if not most people would suffer embarrassment to one degree or another, if they discovered that they forgot to zip their trousers. This would depend on when, where, and how the discovery is made.