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Gang bangers

Posted by ESC on December 17, 2003

In Reply to: Gang bangers posted by ESC on December 17, 2003

: : : : OK, this one's a bit risky for me. I was being subjected to an episode of 'the Shield' and before I walked out on it halfway through due to its chronic stupidity and pathetic overacting, I heard the bald cop say that they had to find the gang bangers. Now this got my attention, cos I gather he was referring to a gang of thugs. However in Australia, I'm afraid gang bangers are well pretty much multiple rapists. ie. She was raped by gang bangers. Actually sometimes it can also mean consentual (sp?) sex. ie. she was involved in a gang bang, meaning lots of blokes er had their way...

: : : : So what exactly is the US interpretation of the term?

: : : It's the same but has been extended to include gang members.

: : : Too bad you couldn't stick with The Shield. Vic Mackey (the bald cop) and his crew make an almost Faustian pact to dip into the pie just the once but find it rapidly becomes a way of life. Michael Chiklis has created one of the most complex characters on television. He's violent and repugnant - even moreso than Tony Soprano can be, but as his character develops it's hard not to feel some sympathy for him as the job and his life spiral out of control. But it does take a little patience and open mindedness. I hated the Sopranos the first time I watched it. Now I think it's the finest thing on television.

: : In the US I sort of have a feeling that half century ago 'gang bangers' were multiple rapists and that the meaning has evolved to most commonly mean members of street gangs.

: I'm from the U.S. That's my understanding, it became a more general term not necessarily relating to sexual assault. I'll do a little research this evening and see if I can find something more specific. (I wonder if Merriam-Webster covers this one?)

It does!

Main Entry: gang·bang·er
Pronunciation: 'ga[ng]-"ba[ng]-&r
Function: noun
Date: circa 1972
: a member of a street gang