Stick to you like white on rice

Posted by ESC on December 30, 2003

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: : : Hi all. I searched the archives and googled, but cannot find the origin of the expression "like white on rice". My sister insists that it is a racial expression and not to be used by polite society.

: : : I understand the meaning, it's the origin (and whether or not it's racist) in which I am interested.

: : : Thanks!

: : My opinion: it's not racist. Ike Turner, an African-American, was the first person I heard say it and I, a European-American, was not offended. Sometimes rice is just rice. White on rice is just a cleaned up version of "stink on sh*t."

: Ike & Tina Turner, "Baby Get It On"
: Album: Acid Queen

: TT: we're gonna get it on
: ...and we goin on

: IT: you dont know, girl how
: you blow my mind.
: I said now baby, won't you hear what I say
: I want your lovin' in the worst kind of way, so come on, baby let's get it on

: TT: ah huh

: IT: Now you're the finest girl I ever saw in my life
: I want to stick to you like white on rice
: So come on.

: TT: ah huh