Ham on Po-Boy dressed

Posted by Bob on December 24, 2003

In Reply to: Ham on Po-Boy dressed posted by Cheryl on December 24, 2003

: Here in New Orleans when we order a Po-Boy we asked for dressed if we want lettuce, tomatoe etc on the sandwich. I have never given it a second thought........... until now. I had a Vietnamese lady ask me why do we use the word "dressed" when referring to food. When did it start and WHY?

dictionary.com offers:
3 entries found for dressed.
dress ( P ) Pronunciation Key (drs)
v. dressed, dress·ing, dress·es
v. tr.

a. To put clothes on; clothe.
b. To furnish with clothing.

2. To decorate or adorn: dress a Christmas tree.
3. To garnish: dressed the side dish with parsley.
4. To arrange a display in: dress a store window.
5. To arrange (troops) in ranks; align.
6. To apply medication, bandages, or other therapeutic materials to (a wound).
7. To arrange and groom (the hair), as by styling, combing, or washing.
8. To groom (an animal); curry.
9. To cultivate (land or plants).
10. To clean (fish or fowl) for cooking or sale.
a. To put a finish on (stone or wood, for example).
b. To tan or prepare (a hide) in leather-making.