Posted by Ward on February 01, 2004

In Reply to: It's due, Lap posted by Dancer on January 30, 2004

: : I mentioned to my French PF friend who had emailed me shortly after my partner and I had just been talking about him, that his ears must have been burning.

: : It's an old term I've heard and used many times. What are it's origins? Why would one's ears be burning if one is being discussed in their absence?

: Recall, if you can, when an embarassing thing happened to you and - forfend it not - you blushed!

: When blushing, ears go very pink and feel sensitive - hence the 'burning' form inside and out.

:::This is one of a bunch of ESP expressions -- "I felt as if someone was looking at me" , "the hair on the back of my neck stood straight up", all describing a feeling that many of us have had about being in someone elses' conscious focus. Astounding as it may seem, none of the many scientific experiments have ever proven that this ESP exists and is duplicatable, even though many of us have experienced the phenomenon. Dreams which foretell some impending death in the family or a close friend are in the same league.