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Q for A

Posted by Pdianek on November 22, 2003

In Reply to: Q for A posted by ESC on November 22, 2003

: : 1.'What are you?'
: : When you ask this, how many meanings may you have?
: : Hello? Whatcha doing? Where do your come from?

: : 2.What does 'to put oneself together again' mean?

: : Thanks!

: Never heard either. "What are you?" sounds like an insult. Maybe it's something new. I've heard "PULL yourself together," meaning calm down, regain control of your emotions.

"Put oneself together again" is like "put oneself to rights", meaning making oneself tidy after doing something that has disarranged one's clothes and/or hair -- as, for example, running to catch a bus, or fighting (with fists), or engaging in sexual activity outside. The image of the former expression reminds me of one of those old-fashioned toys assembled with strings -- they can be stretched to bits, but tug on the central string and there they are, put together again.