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Flip side

Posted by R. Berg on November 19, 2003

In Reply to: Flip side posted by pdianek on November 19, 2003

: : What is the meaning and origin of "flip side"? Thanks.

: It comes, I believe, from those old-fashioned things (pre-CD, pre-tape, pre-reel-to-reel, and pre-8-track tape) called records -- used to be played on record players. The disks have two sides -- on a 45 RPM disk, sides A & B. The song that the record company wanted to promote most heavily would go on the A side. So when a DJ played that side, he'd (they were always "he" back then) sometimes say, "And now on the flip side...", and play side B, the lesser known track.

Oh, Lord, I'm getting old.