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Re-phrasing my question - what does "me and mine" mean?

Posted by HEDGE on November 17, 2003

In Reply to: "Still speak to me *of me and mine*" posted by ESC on November 15, 2003

: : Alfred Tennyson used this phrase in his 'In Memoriam' [116], referring to his dead friend's voice:
: : ...
: : Not all regret: the face will shine
: : Upon me, while I muse alone;
: : And that dear voice, I once have known,
: : Still speak to me **of me and mine**:
: : ...

: : And these are my questions:

: : 1) Does this always mean 'me and my family'?
: : Could 'mine' also mean other people or things which the speaker cares about?

: : 2) What is the origin of "me and mine"?

: : 3) What did Tennyson have in mind when he wrote "me and mine"?

: : Thanks,


: Sorry. I don't know. This might help.

: The In Memoriam Web is a stand-alone hypertext environment, not to be confused with the World-Wide Web. It provides readers with the full text of Tennyson's poem, annotated with hypertext links to commentary and broader information about the literary and cultural contexts of the work.


Thanks, ESC. I've looked everywhere, including your link, and couldn't find an answer.

So never mind Tennyson, I would just like to know what does "me and mine" mean,
and - if anybody knows anything about the origin of "me and mine" - would you please let me know.
Whatever you know will be helpful to me.