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Posted by R. Berg on November 08, 2003

In Reply to: Grandma posted by Smokey Stover on November 08, 2003

: :It's dangerous and presumptuous to try to explain an author's choice of words or his precise intent, but "snapped" would indicate that her reply was like a cracking whip, and uttered immediately, providing a sharp, distinctive sound that gets attention and in this case is not mitigated or muffled in any way. She speaks clearly and quickly, and probably fairly loudly. "Sharper": well, it could mean more loudly, but I tend to regard it as indicating that she chopped out the consonants crisply, using a little extra effort and speed with the muscles of the jaw and tongue. No slurring or murmuring here! As for defensive tone, this may hinge on the speaker's perceived mood or intent. She might speak that way because she is defending herself against a perceived challenge. But the same vocal characteristics might be evident if she were feeling, say, irritated, with her voice acquiring an irritated tone. As for kid leather, that's leather from a baby goat, often used, because of the tenderness and smoothness of the skin of young animals, for gloves (i.e., kid gloves). Now--what do you mean by any hand? Do you mean helping hand? A hand up? Better: thanks for any help!

Smokey, a word about posting replies. If you leave the question you're answering in the typing window, the rest of us can find the question and your answer with just one click instead of getting the answer first and having to go elsewhere to learn what the question was. Thanks.

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