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Yorkies - It's not for Girls

Posted by Gary on November 06, 2003

In Reply to: Yorkies - It's not for Girls posted by Brian from Shawnee on November 06, 2003

: My sister brought back some candy from Ireland recently. One candy bar manufactured by a subsidiary of the Nestle Corporation is called Yorkies, and it's slogan is "It's not for Girls". Has the slogan been around for long? It sounds like the kind of saying that could only be allowed to survive by being grandfathered into the lexicon!

Yorkies are a chocolate brand named after local (to this site) mediaeval highspot York. That's where the quaker families Rowntrees and Terrys started their chocolate businesses. Cadburys, the other big name in quaker chocolate making, started in Bournville, Birmingham. Having lived most of my life in Birmingham and Yorkshire I have a fondness for the local products but can't now eat chocolate without getting migraine. Life can be cruel sometimes.

About the phrase. That was used recently in a promotional campaign, presumably aimed at getting girls to eat more yorkies which until now they have been marketed as the kind of chocolate bar that truckers would buy. The recent adverts were based on the tongue in cheek idea that only boys were allowed to eat them and had girls dressing up in check shirts and false moustaches to trick shopkeepers into letting them buy them.

As far as I know the phrase was made up as the campaign slogan.

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