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: : Busting someone's chops means socking them in the jaw. Busting their balls means giving them a hard time.

From the archives, previously posted by masakim:
break (or bust) chops v phr 1970s To injure; punish; literally, to break someone's face or mouth: "But busting Luana's chops by busting her boyfriend's wasn't going to exactly get me in her good graces" --Stan Cutler

break (or bust) someone's chops 1970s 1 v phr To verbally assault someone; harass: "I love it here. I can work hung over and nobody busts my chops" --National Lampoon / "Well, she turned absolutely livid, and ever since she's been busting my chops" --Lawrence Sanders 2 v phr = BUST one's ASS [i.e., to work or perform to one's utmost; exert oneself mightily]
From Dictionary of American Slang by R.L. Chapman

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