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Hollow Ring

Posted by Dooley on November 04, 2003

In Reply to: posted by R. Berg on October 30, 2003

: : : what is the meaning of "have a hollow ring (to)"?

: : People use that expression when they feel that something is not being expressed honestly.
: : For instance, we here in the US have an idiot and liar for a president.
: : Most, if not all, his and his fellow gangster/cabinet members' utterances, statements and opinions have a hollow ring to them.

: I'm guessing that the phrase came from a comparison with counterfeit coins that sounded different from real coins when rapped on something solid because they had empty middles where gold or another valuable metal should have been.

Was that unwarranted attack on President Bush necessary, particularly in front of the Brits?
This forum is not a political forum. If you want to spout off, go somehere else.