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: : : Well, I just got my DVD "Minority Report" and there are some English/American specific idioms and phrases that look completely unknown to me.
: : : So could you help?

: : : 1. "we're to give him the run of the farm" means "we're going to explain him how the things work here"?

: : : 2. "recorded on holosphere by PreCrime's Q-stacks."
: : : What the hell is Q-stacks. As far as I see that some kind of computer term concerned with PreCrime Department hardware equipment...

: : : 3. Howard's wife said in order to reject his invitation for lunch:
: : : "I have an open house at the Ressler place."
: : : Does she meant she is some kind of real eestate dealer and had a vacant house at some "Ressler place"?
: : : What does she meant by this?

: : : Thanks in advance, I'm sure there will be more of them. ;)

: : 1. Do you keep the dog in the kitchen or does he have the run of the house? Is he restricted to one area or can he go everywhere? Merriam Webster online: RUN 2 a : to go without restraint : move freely about at will. Let chickens run loose.

: : 2. Q-stacks. Don't know this one.

: : 3. Open house. In the context you gave, it would mean that people could drop by and go through a house for sale without an appointment. It also has a social meaning: We had a Christmas "open house" on December 23 from 6 to 8 p.m.

: Merriam-Webster:
: open house
: Function: noun
: Date: 15th century
: 1 : ready and usually informal hospitality or entertainment for all comers
: 2 : a house or apartment open for inspection especially by prospective buyers or tenants

"Stacks" are those areas of a library where the majority of the books are kept.
So when the crime was revealed by those creatures in that fish tank type enclosure maybe their thoughts were digitally captured and stored on some type of recordable media and placed in the stacks where the thought police could easily find them alphabetically.
Just a guess!

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