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Tussie mussie

Posted by ESC on November 03, 2003

TUSSIE MUSSIE - ".Many of the Victorians had very little money to spend on extravagant decorations, so they turned to nature for inspiration and found fresh, rich greenery, flowers, pinecones, berries, and fruit, which were all used to create colorful displays. In keeping with this wonderful tradition, the Kentucky History Center has invited area garden clubs to help deck the Center's halls this holiday. Participating clubs were asked to make Victorian tussie mussies to be used for display on a large tree in Commonwealth Hall. A tussie mussie is an aromatic little nosegay of flowers and herbs. During the Victorian era, tussie mussies were exchanged as a token of affection between sweethearts or good friends." From an Oct. 28, 2003, press release from the Kentucky History Center.

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