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Mildly teasing

Posted by Bob on October 15, 2003

In Reply to: I dunno about you sometimes posted by littlebluhair on October 15, 2003

: A friend said this to me last night. I was kinda dumbfounded. it sounded like he was teasing me. and I asked him if that was bad. and he said no. but i'm just curious of it's meaning.

It means "most of the time I know exactly what you're going to do and say, but every once in a while you will say or do things (for example, what you just said) that make me reconsider whether you really are who I think you are." On a more subtle level, it means "your words or behavior do not match my expectations, and you should modify them to conform to what I am more comfortable with." The difference between the two versions? #1 the speaker reconsiders his perceptions. #2 the speaker insists you should change.

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