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Warrant cards

Posted by Masakim on November 01, 2003

In Reply to: Warrant cards posted by p vandenberg on October 31, 2003

: : in Britain does this mean a search warrant or something else.?.in a novel it said the police produced their "warrant cards" cant find online anywhere...Thanks

: found it !! look here..sorry if I wasted ur time..

warrant card [countable]
an official card carried by British police officers to prove that they belong to the police
Sentences from books, newspapers, etc.:
"As he passed the bar he briefly held up what Lucy assumed must be his warrant card."
"His latest victim was punched and kicked after she demanded his warrant card."
"The sergeant produced his warrant card and said he wanted to ask some questions."
"They saw red when he got away with the offence by waving his warrant card at a traffic warden."
From _Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English_

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