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Fish nets Hen

Posted by ESC on October 15, 2003

In Reply to: Fish nets Hen posted by Gary on October 14, 2003

: Has the word mardy travelled outside Yorkshire? It's used here all the time. The OED has it defined as 'Northern English - sulky and whining', and I can't do better than that.

: I ask because I've just enjoyed seeing on the BBC web site sports pages that Tim Henman has been beaten by 'a Mardy Fish'. Turns out that young Mardy isn't a bad tempered haddock as I first thought but a tennis player.

: Picture the scene conjured by the BBC report: "a nervous Fish double-faulted three times as he attempted to serve out the win".

: PS. Why can't people just lose tennis matches any longer? They seem to be obliged to 'crash out' of them. Scales and feathers everywhere - messy.

I don't think it has reached the U.S. Checking regional slang books, etc.

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