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Posted by Rude Boy on October 24, 2003

In Reply to: T-shirt slogan posted by ESC on October 24, 2003

: I am doing my Christmas shopping and found this T-shirt site that includes one that says:

: Welcome to the Donkey Show

: "What does it mean? Have you ever seen a donkey show? I see one every time I go out the door, metaphorically speaking. This is a unisex 100% cotton black T-shirt, printed with 'Welcome to the Donkey Show' in white and gold. Wear it to your favorite drinking establishment or out clubbing, when you want to get the message across."

: welcome_to_the_donkey_show.html

: Does this mean "welcome to the sight of people behaving foolishly" or is it something naughty?

Having read about the decline of a glamour model, the interviewee said that she ended up doing donkey shows in Denmark. I'm afraid it means what you think it might - sex between women and donkeys. I suppose if a man wore the T-shirt he would be boasting as to the size of his manhood.
I think that the meaning might be wider than the original sex-industry usage and also mean a generally wild and outrageous event, but I wouldn't stake my reputation on it.

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