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Bury me with my boots on?

Posted by R. Berg on October 14, 2003

In Reply to: Re. Bury me with my boots on? posted by Word Camel on October 14, 2003

: : : : I saw a movie the other night and I couldnt help but wonder what this meant. Does anyone know I would appreciate an answer. Thanks

: : : It means he didn't die in his bed of old age or natural causes. The person died in a shoot-out or cattle stampede or something of that nature.

: : Googling "Boot Hill" and history:

: : Boot Hill was the name given to the cemetery in Dodge City. It was so-called because so many men were killed during acts of violence and therefore "died with their boots on". Later Boot Hill became the name of most cemeteries in Wild West towns.

: Is this a phrase? What does it mean - apart from a subtle reference to foot odour?

It expresses the spirit of one who wants to remain active till the end, as opposed to giving up and becoming a lump in old age.