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Late hit

Posted by ESC on October 20, 2003

In Reply to: Asking for some help posted by Ana Gimenez on October 20, 2003

: I need to know what "late hit" means. It appears very often in the U.S. press. For Instance, I read, `Gray Davis is a master of the late hit´. Can anybody help me?

Looks like it's a golfing term. Here's a definition from the PGA glossary at

Conservation of Angular Momentum (COAM) A law of physics that allows the player to produce large amounts of kinetic energy. As the body shiftsits weight and turns towards the target in the forward swing, the mass (arms and club) is pulled away from the center into an extended position by centrifugal force. By temporary resisting that pull as well as the temptation to assist the hit by releasing too early, one maintains the angle formed between the club?s shaft and the left arm and conserves the energy until a more advantageous moment. This has been referred to as a "delayed hit," a "late hit," "connection," "lag loading," "the keystone" or COAM, but when performed correctly may simply be called "good timing."