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I'd like my job (meaning of)... empathy here.

Posted by Al on September 25, 2003

In Reply to: I'd like my job (meaning of)... empathy here. posted by TheFallen on September 24, 2003

: : : : any idea as to what it means
: : : : thanks

: : : Well, people sometimes say "I love my job," meaning they do not.

: : That being said, the real problem is that "I'd like my job" means anything and nothing without further context. What is the complete sentence that this fragment comes from?

: Yes, more context would be helpful. However, I can imagine myself on numerous occasions using this phrase when I'm obliged to handle all sorts of tasks outside my job specification that should have been done by others. These chores invariably interfere with what I ought to be doing - in that scenario, yes, I'd really like my job, and not everyone else's as well.

Or, I hear it used sometimes facetiously, a haggard mother with a screaming child picking up something the child has thrown on the floor of the supermarket might turn to onlookers and say "I like my job."