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Klediments, clatterment

Posted by ESC on September 13, 2003

In Reply to: Klediments posted by S. Ryan on September 12, 2003

: : : A posting to note the passing of a legend, a voice and talent that traversed the frontiers of country, folk, rock and gospel music. When his wife, June Carter passed away this past June, some of us knew that it would not be too long before they would be together again. Thank you for your life and your music, Mr. Cash! Because of you, we will forever know that love is a "ring of fire," and that to be true is to "walk the line." There are other words and phrases, I am sure, that you have helped make a part of our lives. Rest well, man in black!

: : Keeping this on topic. June Carter Cash's 1979 autobiography was titled "Among My Klediments." I can't remember exactly what she said a "klediment" is. But I think it's like keepsakes, well-loved objects like souvenirs and photos.

: : True. June actually defined "klediments" as "anything that you hold near and dear to your heart."

KLEDIMENTS - Clatterment. Noun. Pronc-sp klediment (Cf Scots clatter-traps, clutterment; see also OED cladment) CF accoutrements. See quots. 1895 DN 1.371 TN Mts. Clatterments: belongings, accoutrements. "Sam, what did you do with all the clatterments that belong to the mowin' scythes and the harness?" 1979 Cash "Among Klediments" 12 eTN, swVA, "A klediment can be almost anything that has earned a right to be a part of things close to you. It can be precious antique furniture gathered from grandmother, pieces of china, little handmade doilies, the straw mats on your floor, or the pricilla curtains you made yourself. A klediment can be a thing you love.A klediment can be a thing you just won't throw away.A klediment can be a person dear to you." From the "Dictionary of American Regional English," Volume 1 by Frederic G. Cassidy (1985, Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Mass., and London, England).