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Watch this space

Posted by Bob on September 09, 2003

In Reply to: Watch this space posted by Henry on September 09, 2003

: : Hi,
: : I received a letter from a cyber friend.
: : At the end of his letter, he said
: : 'Hopefully we can meet again soon.
: : Watch this space.'
: : What did he mean by telling me 'Watch this space.'
: : Thanks.

: The space is a noticeboard or hoarding where a new message will be posted shortly. By extension, it indicates that something significant is expected to be revealed soon.

In U.S. terms, it's a message sometimes found on an outdoor sign (billboard) to alert you to an announcement of some significance ... if the billboard company ever gets a new advertiser to take the space. You don't see this very often any more, because it's less expensive for the outdoor company to leave a billboard message standing beyond its lease, than to take it down. That's why the outdoor ad for the Christmas-theme movie is still up in March.