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The clock struck one

Posted by Henry on August 22, 2003

In Reply to: Yeah, I know what the WORDS mean posted by ESC on August 22, 2003

: : : : : The dresser in Hay Fever says the phrase "...Writhing about the scullery like one 0'clock". Can anyone out there help me with what the reference to one o'clock is?

: : : : Hell, I need some help with 'writhing about the scullery', never mind about one o'clock.

: : : Well, scullery is part of the kitchen. What time do rich folks eat? Maybe it refers to the kitchen staff running around fixing and serving food and cleaning up.

: : : Merriam-Webster online:

: : : Main Entry: scul·lery
: : : Pronunciation: 'sk&-l&-rE, 'sk&l-rE
: : : Function: noun
: : : Inflected Form(s): plural -ler·ies
: : : Etymology: Middle English, department of household in charge of dishes, from Middle French escuelerie, from escuelle bowl, from Latin scutella drinking bowl -- more at SCUTTLE
: : : Date: 15th century
: : : : a room for cleaning and storing dishes and cooking utensils and for doing messy kitchen work

: : But it's not helping me with anything in that phrase.

: Pardon me? I was addressing the person that originally posted the question.

A recent posting included the Geordie phrase "He/she's like one-o-clock half struck."

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