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Making A Sissy

Posted by Janes_kid on August 18, 2003

In Reply to: Making A Sissy posted by James Briggs on August 18, 2003

: : Yeah I'd figured that but I'm looking more for a where and a when.

: : : I'd guess that it comes from the "sissss" sound of the stream of liquid. (Also USA)

: I've never heard it here in Britain. It sounds 'baby talk'. In that case, our phrase is 'wee wee'. However, 'sissy' is a word we use - for a timid, non-daredevil type person, usually a child.

Half century ago in US elemenetry school playgrounds 'sissy' was a tease or taunt meaning, as someone above said, "for a timid, non-daredevil type person". 'Sissy' was thought to come from 'sis' which was common slang for 'sister'

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