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Get lost in the shuffle

Posted by Masakim on August 02, 2003

In Reply to: Get lost in the shuffle posted by Barney on August 02, 2003

: : : : I have stumbled on such expression " get lost in the shuffle". What does it really mean in most cases. It seems that it has several interpretations. Like: 1. to be in chaos. 2. to be confused by the number of departments in a big organization. 3. do not receive the deserved attention. Anyone out there can illuminate it? Thanks in advance.

: : :
: : : Sounds to me as though it is alluding to a card getting "lost in the shuffle" of a deck, which could work for all three interpretations I guess. Or is this too literal?

: : I can't find "lost in the shuffle" in any of my references. I spent the morning at a bookstore and, coincidentally, I did see the phrase in a book I DIDN'T buy and cards were cited as the origin.

: I've heard the phrase 'got lost in the reshuffle'.

GET LOST IN THE SHUFFLE For someone (or something) to be neglected because of the press of other business. Source: CARD GAMES. For a particular card to be lost track of in the deck when the cards are properly shuffled. (This is the purpose of shuffling).
From _Dictionary of Sports Idioms_ by Robert A. Palmatier & Harold L. Ray
be/get lost in the shuffle
to not be noticed or considered because there are so many other things to deal with
"The information contained in the memo got lost in the shuffle once it reached headquarters."
Sentences from books, newspapers, etc.
"And in our sandwich, the grated cheese, when melted, got lost in the shuffle of the other ingredients."
"The theory, however, broke down; both customers and employees got lost in the shuffle."
From _Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English_

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