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Mop guy

Posted by Lewis on August 14, 2003

In Reply to: Mop guy posted by ESC on August 14, 2003

: : : Who coined the "mop guy" and what is the job of a "mop guy"?

: : No idea who started it, although the UK had a fictional character called Mrs Mop 60+years ago.

: : A "mop guy" is either (for our nautical chums) a rope that secures the mop (!) or, perhaps more likely, the man (guy) that uses a mop (material-ended cleaning stick) to clean floors. Mop guys works in supermarkets/shopping centres/malls and in public buildings like schools and hospitals. I suppose it is a lower job than being a janitor, as it only involves washing-down the floor.
: : Didn't "Good Will Hunting" feature a mop guy?

: I've never heard the expression. I'm in the U.S.

Maybe it's too sexist a term - derogatory to men...