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Bring me my salad!

Posted by Caesar on August 08, 2003

In Reply to: Never fear the deep posted by ESC on August 08, 2003

: : : Dear Sir/Madam,
: : :
: : : I am a navy diver and am looking to have a (semi) official crest made up and would appreciate it if you could tell me the translation of- Never fear the deep/ Fear not the deep. I am led to believe it is Non timetis altum. Is this a direct translation or no where near it?????
: : : I look forward to your reply

: :
: : There may be someone here who can help, but be warned: these people don't like talking l*tin, the website is used for discussing English phrases - not translating dead languages!!!!

: At one point, the requests for translation were overwhelming. Or, at least, whelming. I don't know a drop of L*tin so I can't help anyway.

infamy infamy - they've all got it in-for-me!

on the translation point - you'd do better Googling for latin translators. I stuck your timetis in one and it was not recognised.
Altus is correct for deep and high.

Why not leave the motto in English? At least there would be no confusion with the Vertigo Society's motto then...