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Everything happens for a reason?

Posted by Jason (a canuck) on August 29, 2003

In Reply to: Everything happens for a reason? posted by Gvr4in on August 29, 2003

: I've had numerous people tell me everything happens for a reason.. I have my own opinions on the topic, I'd like to hear everyone elses first. Thanks!

Many things have happened to me and most times, I rationalize them as "there must have been a reason". But after thinking it through, I then wonder why bad things happen in the first place.
Why can't they all be good. Its important to realize people from all walks of life have good and bad things happen to them. Its best to enjoy every moment you can, cause life is short. (by the way, I will be 30yrs old in two months, and can't believe I am not going to be in my 20's anymore ;) ) I believe in God, and believe that we constantly are here to learn from our mistakes and take full advantage of life and accept the rewards from being good people. After 9/11 and other events, we all question "why" but maybe we shouldn't and just stay involved in passions and live life to the fullest...there is my take on the situation!
Jason (a canuck!)

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