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Flaming 'eck!

Posted by Lewis on July 25, 2003

In Reply to: Odds bodkins posted by ESC on July 25, 2003

: : : Hi! I remember the knight on Bugs Bunny said "Odds Bodkins!" and I thought that was so cool. #5 years later I looked it up, and I still have no idea how the words can mean "God's Body." And I don't even understand what "a Minced oath" is! Please help, these kinds of things are just crucial in this day and age.

: : : B

: : MINCE, vb
: : 1. to chop, grind or cut into very small pieces
: : 2. to soften or moderate: 'I didn't mince my words'
: : 3. to walk or speak in an affected dainty manner
: : The Collins Concise Dictionary, 1988

: : A 'minced oath' is a softened or moderated oath. Use of a full-bodied oath was, and still is in many quarters, considered to be blasphemous, so minced oaths were used instead. 'Egad' is one that comes to mind but I'm sure you'll find many more in the archives. The best known Irish equivalents are 'begob' and 'begorra.'

: Example of Minced oath: Godfrey Daniel for G*ddamn.

"God's body" to "Odds Bodkins"

Knock off the G - "od's body"
using the mincing principle change "body" to "bodkin" (an awl type blade - see "Hamlet")
make "'od's" into its nearest proper equivalent "odds" or "odd's" (belonging to "odd")

hey presto! "God's body" (a blasphemy implying the non-resurrection of Christ - promulgated by The Cathars?)
"odd's bodkins"(a strange person's blades)

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