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Aussie sayings

Posted by Lotg on July 21, 2003

In Reply to: Aussie sayings posted by ESC on July 21, 2003

: : Hi any Australian's out there, and anyone else familiar with Aussie sayings...

: : I'm setting up an all Aussie gallery, gourmet, and gift shop and restaurant and would like to find as many Aussie sayings, etc. that I can. No, don't cringe, I'm not going to have all the wait staff saying "g'day" and "fair dinkum" all the time, I just want the info available.

: : Because of our colonial heritage I realise that many, if not most of our earlier sayings were probably originally English or Irish, however there have been a few, such as "don't come the raw prawn with me" that evolved here and we can probably call truly Australian.

: : So any contributions would be gratefully accepted.

: : Many thanks in anticipation...

: Here's my favorite Aussie sayings site:

Excellent thanks. But we're a crass bunch aren't we???