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Fice interesting

Posted by Bob on July 18, 2003

In Reply to: Fice interesting posted by Bob on July 18, 2003

: : : In today's 'Times', the daily Word Quiz had 'fice', with 3 offered possible meanings;
: : : a) a fifth
: : : b) to sneer
: : : c) a dog

: : : The answer was (c). The given origin is below - it has a rather intriguing ending!

: : : FICE An obsolete English word still used in Kentucky and the South for a small dog or cur, sometimes spelt 'phyce'. It is evidently the last small remnant of the old English "foisting cur". The foisting dog was a kind of lap-dog, so called from its bad habits, which often have to serve as an excuse for the wind of the owner. Hence "feisty".

: : Also explains "foisted upon" meaning an unwelcome presence or burden.

: The reason for owning a fice
: Though his habits are clearly not nice
: Is that he'll take the fall
: If you pass gas at all.
: A bargain at double the price.

I dedicate that little limerick to George Tenet, the Director of the C.I.A., who took "full responsibility" for OUr Great Mis-Leader's Big Lie in the State of the Union speech.
Bush lied.
Marines died.
It's nice
To have a fice.