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Could we see lives "off the ocean" in context?

Posted by Word Camel on July 10, 2003

In Reply to: Please help... posted by ESC on July 10, 2003

: : : 1.What and when is a Blue and Gold Day?

: : : 2,When we say someone lives off the ocean, where does he live? On land? or on the sea, in the ships?

: : : Thanks in advance!
: : : ;)

: : 1. As far as I can gather, a Blue and Gold day is a fun day in American schools and colleges. Students, teachers and sometimes parents too participate in competitions, entertainments and fund-raising events. Teams wear either blue of gold clothing. No doubt our American contributors will correct me if I'm wrong.

: : 2. 'To live off the ocean' means to earn a living from the produce of the ocean. A fisherman lives off the ocean. Similarly, a farmer lives off the land.

: We had "blue and gold days" at my U.S. high school because those were the school colors. I've not heard of blue and gold days in any other context.

I am thinking it could mean to live near the ocean. It probably does mean "to make a living from" the ocean, but better safe than sorry, no?