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History of the strawberry

Posted by ESC on June 19, 2003

In Reply to: History of the strawberry posted by Barney on June 19, 2003

: : : : : : I was eatting a strawberry the other day, when I wondered where did the name come, can any offer a soloution to this question, where did teh anme strawberry come from????

: : : : : The berries seem to be strewn among the leaves of the plant. The plant first had the name strewberry, which later was changed to strawberry.
: : : : : One of many explanations I found but this one had the largest count.

: : : : I was told that farmers placed straw around the plants to keep the berries from the ground and to stop them from rotting!

: : : That's what I believe too. Whether it's true or not, I've seen this done.

: : My etymology book says that the reason for the name 'is unknown'.

: Whether or not it's true that the name derives from the practice, by growers of this delicious fruit, of placing straw around the plants to prevent rain from splashing soil onto those soft, vulnerable red berries it's a happy coincidence that has satisfied my curiosity about the origin of the name strawberry; until now.

The strawberry has a history -- who knew? So far I am counting four theories:
1. The straw that's put around the plants.
2. The straw-like (to some) runners from the plants.
3. The chaff-like (to some) external seeds on the berry.
4. The berries that appear to be "strewn" among the plants.

When I was young in the mountains, I used to eat wild strawberries -- tiny sweet berries. The store ones just can't compare.