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Hot To Trot

Posted by Masakim on June 17, 2003

In Reply to: Hot To Trot posted by Shae on June 17, 2003

: : What is the meaning and orgin of Hot To Trot? I would assume that it is somehow related to a horse but I really don't know for sure. Thanks.

: HOT TO TROT: Eager for sex [US slang, mid-1900s], Richard A. Spears, Dictionary of Slang and Euphemism, 1991.

hot to trot 1. Ready and willing, eager. For example, "We should let them start putting up posters; they're hot to trod." 2. Sexually avid,lascivious, as in "He's hot to trod and asked her out as soon as he met her." Both slangy usages allude to a horse eager to get going.
From _The American Heritage Dictionary of Idioms_ by Christine Ammer
She's hot to trod and mad at me. (J. Flynn, _Action Man_, 1961)