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Posted by Lewis on June 16, 2003

In Reply to: Insults posted by ESC on June 14, 2003

: : : Hey all I got an english speech about the origins of insults! Does anybody know where they originated from or any good resources cos I cant find jack
: : : on the net!
: : : thanks

: : on the insult. If you came up with a list of insults you wanted to find the origins of you could look for them using google, or you could ask people here. If you want to talk about insults in general, you might have to ask yourself the question "why do people insult one another?" or "why do some insults seem to be timeless?" or "Why...", for example. " calling some a son-of-a-bitch so insulting and why has it existed in many languages for many years?" Either way, you are going to need to think about insults for yourself and incorporate your own thoughts into your speech since there is no straight-forward answer to your question.

: : Camel

: : Ps. I'm sorry to nag but I really can't end this message without saying that you *really* need to work on your spelling, capitalization, and punctuation. Take it from someone who struggles with this stuff, you can be the most intelligent person in the world but if you can't spell or write well - even online - people will assume you aren't very smart and won't take you seriously. And that's a pain when you know that you are. Don't make the mistake I did in thinking it wouldn't matter if you were basically intelligent. I kick myself every day.

: (It may just be a style of writing -- abbreviations and all.)

: Here's a source of insults.

Txt-write on BBs.

Mobile phones are getting youngsters to the state that they object to being expected to write a word in such a way that other people can understand. To my mind, writing in 'txt' is insulting in that the collateral message is that "if you are not hip, then I don't care whether you can understand this" - the reason that spelling became standardised was so that people could stop guessing what people meant and be sure what word was intended.
I don't mind people occasionally missing out vwls if they are wrtng notes @ a mtg, bt to do tt in txt 4 other ppl is lzy.

"Ashamed of your mobile?" Why the bloody hell should we be? It's a tool, not a fashion accessory. It's as daft as saying "Ashamed of your stapler?"