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The news net

Posted by Mei on June 12, 2003


I don't understand what the bracketed sentences mean? Please do me a favor.

Tuchman's study, which draws on data gathered by participant observation and interviews with newsworkers over a ten year period in the USA, documents how news organization disperse a news net that interwines time and space in such a way as to allow for the identification of 'newsworthy' events. If the news net is intended for 'big fish', as she argues, (then at stake in conceptual terms is the task of unravelling this 'arrangement of intersecting fine mesh (the stingers), tensile strength (the reporters), and steel links (the wire services) supposedly providing a news blanket, ensuring that all potnetial news will be found.') That is to say, the bureaucratic threads of the news net are kintted together so as to frame certain preferred types of occurrences as 'news events' while, concurrently, ensuring that others slip through unremarked.

Thanks a lot.