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Kellys eye *1

Posted by Henry on June 07, 2003

In Reply to: Kellys eye *1 posted by Thelma Spokes on June 07, 2003

: when playing [Bingo][Tom Bowler][Housie] where does the phrase "kellys eye number one" come from as no one seems to know. Can anyone answer this for me. Thank you.

It sems to come from the army, but I haven't found the reason. Bingo became a national UK craze in the late 1950s (In Belgium too?), under the name of 'Lotto' or 'Housey Housey' it was a popular social activity in the British army in Messes Canteens and troopships. Some calls have survived 'kelly's eye - number one' and '88' was always 'Connaught Rangers' - unlikely, I would have thought if the Regiment was in disgrace; but then one would need to read the book to find out - not my period I'm afraid Herman, I already spend far too much on Crimean War material!!

John Barham, Editor, Crimean War