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Get up the yard!

Posted by Shae on June 05, 2003

In Reply to: Get up the yard! posted by TheFallen on June 05, 2003

: I have an Irish friend (Dublin-based) who says this a lot, as a humorously mild rebuke. (She also peppers her conversation with frequent "annyway's" (sic) and an incredible amount of "so's", especially at the end of a sentence, but that's another issue.)

: I'm wondering if "get up the yard" is a uniquely Southern Irish expression - the somewhat archaic Brit equivalent would probably be "get away (with you)".

: Calling Shae, come in please, so.

It seems to be unique to Dublin because I've seldom heard it in other parts of Ireland. To be really insulting, one would say 'Wouldya gerrUP de yaaard!! Der's a smella hay offa ya!!' It implies that the target is a culchie (= redneck). Dublin people are called 'jackeens,' so they are. And in annyway, you need to have a Dublin accent to be able to say 'Up the yard' with conviction, so you do.