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Press secretary and Internet

Posted by R. Berg on June 01, 2003

In Reply to: The white house press secretary and the Internet posted by Miri Barak on June 01, 2003

: Hello:
: Clinton's press secreatry meets the press and objects to the Internet as a news source. He says:
: "It is truly a sorry day when you all walk in here and ask me questions based on a rumor mongerer's Internet Web site."

: My questions:
: 1. a sorry day - is it a bad day or a deplorable day?
: 2. What does he mean by mongerer's..."

: Most Grateful to you
: miri

1. He means that it's a deplorable day. In truth, it's a bad day for him.

2. He means monger's. A fishmonger is a person who sells fish. Monger = dealer, merchant. A rumor monger is a person who spreads rumors. Or maybe the press secretary would say "rumorors."