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Posted by Henry on May 23, 2003

In Reply to: Skinamarink posted by ESC on May 23, 2003

: : : Does anyone know the origin of this word/group of nonsense syllables? I came up empty-handed on a web search. I vaguely associate it with jive-talk phrases like "23 skidoo", but there may not be any connection.

: : It's a child's song. I know we've discussed this. I'll try to find it in the archives.

: No luck. Maybe someone else will remember what we came up with.

: Skidamarink

: Skidamarink - adink - a dink
: Skidamarink - a doo!
: I love you! (twice)

: I love you in the morning
: and in the afternoon
: I love you in the evening
: and underneath the moon!

: Oh, skidamarink - adink - a dink,
: Skidamarink - a doo!

: From, 2003.

: Also saw it spelled "Skinnamarink."

In Scotland, isn't Skinny Malinky a crane fly or Daddy-long-legs? Also the character in Scottish children's rhymes;
Skinny Malinky lang legs, umbrella feet,
Went tae the pictures an' couldnae find a seat. He got the bus hame an' he widnae pey his fare, So the rotten auld conductor kicked him doon the stair.

For those watching in black and white, that would be;
Skinny Malinky long legs, umbrella feet,
Went to the pictures and couldn't find a seat. He got the bus home and he wouldn't pay his fare,
So the rotten old conductor kicked him down the stair.