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Commodity content

Posted by ESC on June 29, 2003

In Reply to: Pleeease tell me what does "commodity content" mean posted by Nima Malek Mohammadi on June 29, 2003

: Pleeease tell me what does "commodity content" mean. I come up with this phrase in a media context.
: thanks for your help

I don't know. Someone else will, no doubt, have a better explanation. I found a couple of instances of the term's use. It sounds like, from No. 2, in a Web context it's referring to information, photos, etc., that can be accessed at a Web site.

1. "Commodity content is any content that is available and accessible from multiple sources, such as commercial or governmental repositories and content vendors. Much of the petroleum industry's seismic data, well log data, and production history data, for example, are managed as commodity content."

2. "When Lyra asked users if they had ever paid to access content on the Web, only 19% said they had. One key finding: When users did pay, it was 'because they had to - the site was the only place where they could get what they wanted,' reports Lyra's managing editor, John McIntyre.
That distinction is key: Users will not pay for content that is readily available free-of-charge at other sites. 'No one is going to pay for commodity content,' says Therese Wells, director of solutions marketing for Seattle-based Qpass, developer of payment collection tools used by media from the Los Angeles Times to USA Today."